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Loose bodies in shoulder Treatment

Loose Bodies in Shoulder Joint

Loose bodies are pieces of dislodged bone or cartilage trapped in the synovium, the thin membrane surrounding the shoulder joint. These bodies can cause the shoulder joint to catch and lock, causing severe pain and grossly restricting the shoulder's movements.


Main cause is gradual degeneration of cartilage in the shoulder joint.

Injuries can also lead to dislodging of loose fragments of cartilage in the joint.

And also restricted blood flow can also cause degeneration and separation of bone, cartilage or soft tissue in the joint.


Most of the patients with loose bodies in the shoulder experience no symptoms and are unaware of the condition. However,loose bodies may cause moderate to severe pain, resulting in catching or locking sensation in the joint. As these symptoms progress, patients may experience a feeling of instability in the shoulder.


X-rays can help in identifying most of the loose bodies in the shoulder joint, though an MRI or CT scan may be necessary to identify less conspicuous objects.

Removal of Loose Bodies in the Shoulder Treatment

If the bodies aren't causing debilitating pain, they can be simply treated with anti-inflammatory medicines, while more severe cases are better treated with an arthroscopic surgery.

The joint is viewed through a small pinhole incision, while operating on it through another small opening. While larger bodies may require open surgery, the doctor will likely opt to break them into smaller pieces and remove them arthroscopically, greatly decreasing your recovery time and minimizing the risk of complications.