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Sai Institute of Sports Injury

Shoulder Hemi Arthroplasty

Hemiarthroplasty is a surgery in which only one half of the joint is replaced and the other half is left intact. The humerus head is replaced with a prosthesis and the socket (glenoid) is left intact.

This surgery is more commonly performed to patients with severe and grossly displaced fractures of proximal humerus and in conditiond like avascular necrosis where the humeral head bone is compromised due to poor blood flow. Surgery is considered for cases of avascular necrosis when traditional conservative treatments such as injections and physical therapy have failed.


The surgery usually takes 1-2 hours with overnight stay at hospital. Patients remain in a sling from 3-6 weeks and require several weeks of physiotherapy to regain their full range of motion.


shoulder stiffness, instability, infection and nerve damage.