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Sai Institute of Sports Injury

Shoulder Impingement Treatment

Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression- Shoulder Impingement Treatment / Shoulder Impingement Surgery

Treatment for shoulder impingement involves subacromial decompression arthroscopically, which requires two 5mm incisions.In the joint, a methodical inspection of different structures is performed looking for tears in ligaments, muscles and tendons. The arthroscope is passed through the skin and deltoid muscle to enter the shoulder joint. Loose bodies may also be found and an overall assessment of the joint surface is made. With this technique, the biceps tendon, rotator cuff tendons and joint can be examined for injuries that may not be evident on an MRI scan or with open surgery.

After the joint is examined, the arthroscope is removed through the rotator cuff tendons and is entered into the space above the rotator cuff. In this space the surgeon smoothens the spur that is contributing to inflammation and impingement on the rotator cuff.

Arthroscopic surgery allows faster recovery and lesser pain in the first few days following the procedure than open surgery.